The Year for the Trolling Motor

The Year for the Trolling Motor

Garmin and Lowrance hope to “upset the market” with their new offerings.


Faces of Silver Creek

Eight guides who make their their living on the insect-rich waters of this desert spring creek, which runs through Idaho’s sagebrush prairie

prm-If Their Eyes Could Talk

If Their Eyes Could Talk

With battle-ready gear and casts directed by muscle memory, Montauk’s solitary surfmen outlast the fair-weather crowds chasing stripers at the east end of Long Island, New York.

Woke Up Still Not Dead Again Today

Woke Up Still Not Dead Again Today

With a ruptured brain aneurysm in his wake, AJ’s editor-in-chief is among the newest members of the “woke up still not dead again today” club.

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Fish Story

A monster catfish, the remittance for a $67 debt, is on the menu at a bizarre party in Texas. Fiction by Rick Bass


Alaska, the First Time

A son surprises his fisherman father with a flight to Alaska, where the elder finds youthful reverie on the wild rivers and scenic bays of the last frontier.