The Men and Their Boats

Talking Fish, Talking Boats with the Boatbuilders of North Carolina
By John Turner ,

Catching the Horizon, By Chris Landry continued

Warren O’Neal. O’Neal passed on his knowledge to men who became boatbuilding icons in the state.

Sheldon Midgett. Charter captain and boatbuilder Midgett was a mentor to some of today’s boatbuilders.

Buddy Davis. Builders say Davis brought national attention to the Carolina sportfishing boat.

Ricky Scarborough Jr. is the owner of Scarborough Boatworks in Wanchese, which his father founded in 1978. The company has built more than 80 boats from 25 to 85 feet.

John Bayliss, owner of Bayliss Boatworks in Wanchese, has built 18 boats from 57 to 90 feet since founding the company in 2002.

Paul Spencer founded Spencer Yachts in Manns Harbor in 1996, expanding to Wanchese in 1999. He has built 95 boats from 37 to 90 feet.

Sunny Briggs is the owner of Briggs Boatworks in Wanchese, which has built 70 boats from 32 to 63 feet.

Randy Ramsey, owner of Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, established the company in 1986. Ramsey has turned out 95 boats from 32 to 77 feet.

Ritchie Howell is the owner of Deep Water Yachts (formerly Ritchie Howell Yachts) in Wanchese. Howell has produced 28 boats from 40 to 65 feet since 1997.

Paul Mann owns Paul Mann Custom Boats. His company in Manns Harbor has built 39 boats from 52 to 81 feet since 1988.

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