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Talking Fish, Talking Boats with the Boatbuilders of North Carolina
By John Turner ,

Catching the Horizon, By Chris Landry continued

“Describe your ideal fishing day”


Slick calm seas with lots of white marlin fins!


I could do the popular thing and say it’s a fabulous white marlin bite up here to the northeast in August and September. But my favorite still has to be a very good Oregon Inlet yellowfin tuna bite. That’s what I grew up doing, and that’s what I still like.


Costa Rica. It would be toward the end of the season, and we’d have about 50 sail bites, two blue marlin bites and two striped marlin bites. That would be a pretty damn good day.


Blue marlin fishing. It hooked me pretty bad. I certainly enjoy white marlin and other fishing, but my ideal day is fishing with my family or one of my customers from one of our boats for blue marlin.


I have a boat in Guatemala. We do a lot of fishing down there. My dad is 79 years old and still goes with me. Guatemala is generally a calm place with a lot of bites, a lot of sails and blue marlins mixed in. But who doesn’t like a slick-calm day and being close to home? I think the fishing we’ve done east of our inlet — 20 or 30 miles on a beautiful day — that’s ideal for me, too.


The party would be on time, and we would run offshore and hit a nice tideline and fill the box with the first school of dolphin. No customer is going to complain with a box full of fish. Then we’d have an excuse to go marlin fishing the rest of the day, to fish the way we wanted to fish.


A hook-up. It doesn’t matter what size, species or under what conditions. A hook-up makes it all good.

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