For good reason, Alaska remains the dream of anglers from around the world. The wilderness and quality of the fishing are unmatched. In this video, Rainbow King Lodge owner Rodger Glaspey and friends show you their special part of the world from their home base on Lake Iliamna.

“I’ve always had the bug to want to fish in those far-reaching places,” says Glaspey. “Of all the places I’ve been able to fish, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the place I decided I really wanted to return to on a regular basis was Alaska. … To me, one of the great things about Rainbow King is you have the ability to race out and touch the wilderness … those secret and sacred places all fishermen dream about.”

Look for a story in the spring issue of Anglers Journal on fishing the waters around Lake Iliamna from this legacy lodge. For more information, go to


West Yellowstone

Trout Bums Welcome

It’s clear from the moment I arrive that there aren’t enough dead bugs on my windshield or dirt on my car to be perceived as a serious fly angler here.


Let’s Fish

I spent three weeks last winter living with the Salas family at their home and Los Torreones Lodge, which is on the Simpson River, about halfway between the towns of Coyhaique and Aysen.