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Callan Wink

Callan Wink’s stories have appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy, Men’s Journal, The Best American Short Stories and other publications. His first book, Dog Run Moon, was published in 2015 and his novel, August, will appear in May, 2020. Callan is a fishing guide in Livingston, Montana.


Art of the Skunk

We all come up empty on occasion, but getting blanked is more nuanced if you're a guide.


Guide Types

The ever-changing crop of newcomers to the guiding trade can be grouped into several categories.


A Head Start

Whether we’re running away from one thing or toward another, it’s hard to shake the people and objects that have given our lives meaning.


Fish Pimping

Contradictory worldviews collide along a river in Montana, where a guide wrestles with heady questions of conservation, ethics and hypocrisy.


A Conversation with Thomas McGuane

The writer reflects on fishing, the old days and his work.


Drink Like a Fish, Fish Like a Man

It’s no secret that fishing and drinking go hand in hand, and in Livingston, Montana, that means saddling up to the Murray Bar