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Charlie Levine


Mercury Unveils V10 Outboards

Mercury Marine launches new 350- and 400-hp V10 Verado outboards.


Rainforest Roosters

Roosterfish are plentiful along Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, but there's much to learn about this powerful, remarkable creature.

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Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

Anglers rally to bolster recovery efforts for those devastated by Hurricane Ian.


The Screen Is Alive

Garmin LiveScope XR lets you see what’s happening under your boat, and all around it, in real time.


Top Shelf

Say goodbye to old-school charter boats and jump on the high-speed bandwagon.

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Costa Films presents "One Water"

Costa Films presents "One Water," exploring the reality that we are all connected by water, regardless of where we live, which makes us all responsible for protecting it.


The Last Guide

A new documentary chronicles the life of fishing guide Frank Kuiack.


New Boat: Regulator 37

Technically, the Regulator 37 is classified as a center console, but it’s much more than that.


John Simms: Fly-Fishing Innovator

Mountain man turned Renaissance man, John Simms never stops thinking of ways to improve the sports he loves.


Mighty Waters

In a new film, Bahamian guide Ansil Saunders recalls meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact it made on his life.



The thud imparted by a trophy seatrout is enough to lead you down the path of addiction.

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Wrapped in Red Snapper

A 90-mile run into the Gulf of Mexico produced fish and plenty of laughs.

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Hail to the Bait Man

To keep his customers on the bite, hard-working bait master Tyler Hall fishes through the night.


Fishing and the Art of Listening

You can learn a lot if you park your pride, open your eyes and listen.


Four Skiffs, 1,300 Miles, No Sleep

Skiff builders push themselves and their boats to the limit to raise awareness for Everglades restoration.

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The Gateway Billfish

No other fish reels in offshore anglers like the Atlantic Sailfish.


Bisbee's Goes Hollywood

The upcoming Netflix film Blue Miracle is the story of an orphanage that won the world’s richest billfish tournament.


Drawer Full of Memories

Going through a stepfather’s desk reveals a man’s passion for pursuing big fish and the love he had for his friends and family.


Big Gets Bigger

Weighing in at 1,260 pounds, Mercury's new 600-hp, V-12 Verado was conceived for large boats that require serious power.


Remembering Capt. Chris Sheeder

One of the most prolific billfish captains, he leaves a long list of records and friendships in his wake.


Midlife Knocking

A headboat trip with no cell service and no news was just what the doctor ordered for the writer's birthday.


The Offshore Life

From dawn to dusk, deckhands play a pivotal role hunting big fish in the blue water.


Easy, Tiger

Getting outfished by a kid is cute, at first.

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Sailfish Alley

Will the stars align and send packs of sailfish to Florida’s Treasure Coast?

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Tuna Tussle

Top-water yellowfin action off Panama's Pacific coast

Charlie Levine and his 18-foot Eagle flats boat

My Boat, My Life: Charlie Levine

“I’m proud to say I own the worst boat ever built.”