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Henry Hughes

Henry Hughes is an Oregon Book Award-winning poet and the author of Back Seat with Fish: A Man's Adventures in Angling and Romance. He edited two Everyman’s Library anthologies on fishing literature, and his articles and reviews appear regularly in Flyfishing & Tying Journal and Harvard Review. He is a professor at Western Oregon University.


The Viking Guide

Channeling the ancient warrior Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye while targeting Arctic char in the middle of Iceland.

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Fly-Fishing in Ukraine

A poem about fishing for trout in beloved streams before the bombing began.


The Fish That Wasn't Ours

Catching sturgeon on the Willamette River in Oregon, with an English trout expert.

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Oldtimers warned of redheads, women and whistling, and she was all three.


Pain Relief

The 10-day, 90-mile hike was tough, but the fishing washed away the bumps, bruises and bites.


The Fillet Queen

With a knife in her hand, Vella Sorensen is in a league of her own.


Against the Grain

An artist, furniture maker, fossil collector and more, Paul Gentry is a bona fide original with an eye for fish



Sights and sounds flood in as the author recalls a long-gone lobstering job when traps were still made from wood.


Uncle Bob’s Blues

A writer remembers landing bluefish after bluefish, the sweet aroma on the grill and the new neighbors who were surprised by the culinary delight.