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Defender Product Spotlight: Isotherm Refrigeration Component System

Incredibly easy installation is the hallmark of the Isotherm brand.
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Retrofitting a refrigeration cooling system has never been easier thanks to Isotherm’s quick mount bracket. And installation is more than half the fun of boat projects, right?

These refrigeration component systems also have one of the smallest footprints on the market, and the compact design makes it easier to find room for them on board.


"These little units from Isotherm are very effective, and as far as installation goes, an air-cooled system is as easy as it gets," says Defender Purchasing Coordinator, Scott Crawford.

The company offers a variety of models, with the smallest unit cooling only the refrigerator compartment and the larger units cooling the fridge and freezer simultaneously.

Crawford adds, "Selecting the right home for your compressor/condensing unit will also greatly improve performance. These units rely on ambient air temperature to condense the refrigerant, so avoid spaces like small, unventilated lockers, and engine compartments. Allowing the unit’s fan to draw in cool bilge air would be ideal."

The goal is to draw heat from the refrigerator, and Isotherm products do this efficiently, quietly and effectively with a max power draw ranging from just 2.5 amps to 6 amps. In addition, air-cooled systems ensure that you have no plumbing to contend with during installation. Isotherm doesn’t take its engineering lightly either: all compressors come with a 5-year warranty.

Good ventilation is about the only requirement needed for the Isotherm product line to turn a refrigeration headache into a DIYer’s dream!

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