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Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer

WHO: Tom Spencer, 27, founder of Fish Hunt Photo.

WHAT: Fishing photographer from North Carolina.

WHEN & WHERE: This past summer Spencer traveled the East Coast shooting tournaments, but he really enjoys the year-round fishing scene in his hometown of Beaufort, North Carolina.

WHY: His first professional assignments were to shoot portraits and job sites, but Spencer quickly gravitated toward photographing his passions: hunting and fishing.

HOW: In college, Spencer took a couple of intro-level courses with a 35mm film camera. After he graduated, he did the bulk of his training with an iPhone. “I didn’t really have money for the latest and greatest gear, but I was always just snapping shots with my iPhone, constantly practicing composition. That’s how I kept my eyes trained,” says Spencer. A fishing trip to the Everglades inspired him to upgrade his equipment. He now shoots with a Nikon D7100 digital SLR camera, but it’s his compositions that Spencer credits for his early success.

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See some of Tom Spencer’s best shots in the gallery below:


Tangier Island: Just Scraping By

Tangier Island: Just Scraping By

The hard-bitten watermen of Tangier Island soldier on against a host of challenges

The bass ranged from schoolies to some nice fish.

Beach Blitz

The peanut bunker were so thick you could walk on them, and stripers romped day and night.

Black Marlin in Piñas Bay, Panama

Marlin Metrics

A well-traveled photographer is drawn to Piñas Bay, Panama, for its black marlin and other hefty cohorts.


Mighty Waters

In a new film, Bahamian guide Ansil Saunders recalls meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact it made on his life.



Identifying Fish From the Finer Points of Their Anatomy

Al Barnes captures the vast panoramas of the flats, where fly fishermen and their quarry are but tiny figures in a majestic world

Where Water Meets Sky

Al Barnes scans the flats, his trained eye picking up the flick of a tail, the flash of a bonefish or permit prowling the shallows for a shrimp or a crab.

Red Drum Delirium

Red Drum Delirium

Bull Reds from Boat, Pier, Kayak and Surf


Poetry of Motion

Her paintings of trout trumpet her passion for color and her love of fly-fishing.