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In late October, veteran content creator Joe Cermele launched a new weekly podcast, named Cut & Retie. Like Cermele's past work, Cut & Retie aims to strengthen ties within the angling community. He says Cut & Retie is for all fishermen, regardless of skill level and preferred style. With a mix of guests ranging from notable players in the fishing world to his local crew, Cermele highlights the connective tissue that links all anglers.

All anglers started fishing because it's fun, which is why Cermele strives to keep Cut & Retie entertaining, relatable, and never too serious or technical. Whether your passion is chunking catfish, nymphing trout, or setting daisy chains off the long riggers, Cut & Retie is the digital bar you can belly up to together.

Cermele has been creating fishing media for nearly 20 years. He was the fishing editor at Field & Stream for a decade, where he hosted and produced the “Hook Shots” video and podcast series. He's worked on the editorial staffs of Salt Water Sportsman, Outdoor Life, and most recently MeatEater, where he hosted the Bent podcast and “B-Side Fishing” video series. Cermele is also the author of countless articles and three books including The Total Fishing Manual, which remains one of the top-selling books in the fishing category.

Cermele has also begun contributing to Anglers Journal. The upcoming winter issue contains Cermele’s first Anglers Journal feature article as well as a column about a family-owned tackle shop that bequeathed a very interesting box of photos to him. Stay tuned for more on that soon…

You can subscribe to Cut & Retie on all of the popular podcast platforms. Just make sure to bring your favorite Y-shaped stick and love of obscure 1990s pop culture.



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