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You can see the years on his cheeks and nose. His skin is thick and aged with hard work, his hands calloused and yellowed from the cigarettes he loves. His name is Frank Kuiack, and he is the last fishing guide in Algonquin Park, a wild piece of land in Canada north of Lake Ontario. 

Kuiack was born in the 1930s just outside the park where he spent most of his days. He began guiding at just 8 years old. In time, his clientele included anglers from the world over. He'd cook shore lunches on open fires using pits he made around the park.

He'd stash canoes so he could hike in with his guests without having to portage. Over time, other guides disappeared, but Kuiack kept going.

Kuiack's story inspired two books, including The Last Guide: A Story of Fish and Love by Ron Corbett, which became a Canadian bestseller and brought some fame and notoriety Kuiack's way.

CBC/Radio-Canada recently produced a video about Kuiack. It's a touching story of a fisherman, his family and his legacy. The life of a fisherman isn't always easy, but in Kuiack, we see that it's a life well-lived.



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