Photography By Tom Lynch

From New England to the Carolinas, this is the season of the surf. Everything is on the move – striped bass, bluefish, albies, red drum, hawks, bait of all denominations, storm after storm. When the fish push close to shore, anglers in waders, hip boots and wet suits stake out spots along beaches and rock piles, as these photos by Tom Lynch suggest. When the action is hot, surf nuts fish shoulder to shoulder in hopes of catching a bruiser blue or a 40-plus pound striper. What’s the best time to fish the fall surf? Every chance you get. With fish pushing through on most tides, you snooze, you lose.

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The Fall Run

My mind was unconsciously running through the 20 other places I would no doubt have been better off standing.


Fall 2017 Issue Preview

From Livingston, Montana to the Cape Cod Canal, the fall issue of Anglers Journal teleports you to some amazing places and reminds us all of why we fish.


Block Island Blues

Casting top-water plugs for daytime bluefish may again ascend the popularity charts, as striped bass stocks dip.