More than a dozen new saltwater models were introduced in Florida

The Miami boat shows are known as premier places to check out the latest saltwater fishing boats, and this year was no exception. This gallery presents more than a dozen new boats, most of them center consoles from about 30 to 40 feet, powered with multiple outboards, that were recently introduced in Miami.

Even bigger center consoles are on the way. Three companies presented model-size displays of their supersized open boats — from 52 to 65 feet — that will debut in the next year or two.

Center consoles shared the stage with other types of fishboats, ranging from 18-foot skiffs to 72-foot convertibles.

The shows on Collins Avenue and Virginia Key also showcased new marine electronics designed for anglers, such as the new GPS station-keeping devices that can be programmed to control a boat’s drift. They’re cool, and they’re cutting-edge.

So sit back and enjoy the latest and greatest from Miami in the slideshow below:


As two of his brothers watch, Mick Chivers lifts a bass caught the night before from the ice to a cleaning table.

Fishing For The Table

The evening began like a fishing daydream. The sun was dropping. The flooding tide and a cool wind were roughly aligned.

Dolphin mahi mahi

Fast and Furious

The dolphin were running small off southeastern Florida last summer. You learned that if you were in the Gulf Stream fishing sargassum weed lines for Mr. Big, but you also could have found out from a police blotter that the catch was not as hot as the weather.


Party Boat Living

Party-boat fishing is as much about fun as it is fish. Winning the pool is an honor like no other, and the IRS is none the wiser if you don’t report your winnings.


One Helluva Fish

Why the bluefish, an animated chopping machine with a public relations problem, just might be the perfect game fish


Fishing Buddies

Finding the right fishing partner is a bit like courting a potential spouse. Hold on to the keepers; they're few and far between

Snook sharpie Mike Thiels makes a 2 a.m. toss for bait from the Lantana Ocean Avenue Bridge in Florida

The Thump

Who answers the phone at 3:30 a.m., chats amiably, swaps helpful information, wishes the caller good luck but doesn’t go back to sleep humming a lullaby of curses?