I was kayaking around the Brigantine Cays in the Exumas when I came upon a tightly packed school of 75 to 100 bonefish that had been corralled by 3- to 5-foot lemon sharks. I grabbed my rod and quickly hooked and released a 5-pound bonefish. The stressed-out fish didn’t swim far before a shark charged it, and both began swimming toward me. I threw my rod in the water, grabbed my underwater camera off a back strap and submerged it. I snapped off 12 shots as the shark devoured half of the bonefish in 15 seconds, spooked and ran. Reviewing my images, I saw that the shark had a fine meal, and I had a unique photo.


blue marlin

How I Got That Shot

The free-swimming blue marlin was so lit up from the sun that there were hues of green and blue and stripes and patterns all over it.


The Fall Run

My mind was unconsciously running through the 20 other places I would no doubt have been better off standing.


Ties That Bind

A father-son relationship is strengthened during a fishing trip to New Zealand, as the young man prepares to leave home and the elder contemplates a new phase in their lives.

Snook sharpie Mike Thiels makes a 2 a.m. toss for bait from the Lantana Ocean Avenue Bridge in Florida

The Thump

Who answers the phone at 3:30 a.m., chats amiably, swaps helpful information, wishes the caller good luck but doesn’t go back to sleep humming a lullaby of curses?