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Spring is here, and tarpon are on the move — if only the wind would lie down a bit. Photographer and tarpon nut Pat Ford, who took these photos, is somewhere in the Keys right now, looking to reunite with one of his high-flying finned friends.

“They swim through the air, upside down and right side up,” says Ford, who got tarpon fever in 1990 while fishing with Capt. Bill Curtis. “If there’s a jump a fish can possibly make, a tarpon will make it. They’re just crazy and crazy-looking — prehistoric, like dinosaurs.”

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Click through the gallery below to see more of Pat Ford’s stunning photography


Black Marlin in Piñas Bay, Panama

Marlin Metrics

A well-traveled photographer is drawn to Piñas Bay, Panama, for its black marlin and other hefty cohorts.

Photo by Pat Ford

The Photography of Pat Ford

The marine photography of Pat Ford, featuring breath-taking photos from the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres.

Bluefin Tuna

‘This Fish Has Legs’

Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna on Prince Edward Island

Andy Mill went from chasing gold to chasing silver … tarpon that is.

Silver Obsession

Former world-class skier Andy Mill chases tarpon with as much fire as he once did Olympic gold

Red Drum Delirium

Red Drum Delirium

Bull Reds from Boat, Pier, Kayak and Surf


Tarpon - Swimming Through Air

The author was ‘a goner’ after his first big tarpon shook its head and took to the sky

_MG_4874 - Version 2

Spring Break

The spring tarpon run in Florida draws a vast tribe of anglers who ache to dance with the hefty silver ballerinas.

Surf fishing

Fall Surf

This is fall surf fishing, and you’d be crazy not to love it.



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