Black Marlin in Piñas Bay, Panama

Marlin Metrics

A well-traveled photographer is drawn to Piñas Bay, Panama, for its black marlin and other hefty cohorts.

Photo by António Leão de Sousa

Old Ways

This ancient form of beach-seining still practiced in parts of Portugal has changed little in 500 years

The bass ranged from schoolies to some nice fish.

Beach Blitz

The peanut bunker were so thick you could walk on them, and stripers romped day and night.

Photo shoot for Salts feature

Behind The Lens

The photos on the “Salts” feature pages are tintypes, which were introduced just before the Civil War. They eventually replaced daguerreotypes, which captured images on silver-plated copper, and became the most popular photography of the last half of the 19th century.