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Black Marlin in Piñas Bay, Panama

Marlin Metrics

A well-traveled photographer is drawn to Piñas Bay, Panama, for its black marlin and other hefty cohorts.


Swimming Through Air

Fishing photographer Pat Ford has been chasing tarpon for more than 25 years

Sailfish with baitball

The Hunting Games

When packs of sailfish are working baitballs off Isla Mujeres, the fishing and underwater photography can be otherworldly.



Identifying Fish From the Finer Points of Their Anatomy

Red Drum Delirium

Red Drum Delirium

Bull Reds from Boat, Pier, Kayak and Surf

Bluefin Tuna

‘This Fish Has Legs’

Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna on Prince Edward Island

The bass ranged from schoolies to some nice fish.

Beach Blitz

The peanut bunker were so thick you could walk on them, and stripers romped day and night.


The Men and Their Boats

Talking Fish, Talking Boats with the Boatbuilders of North Carolina


Best Photos of 2016

“Good fishermen know that in talking about fishing,nothing is more interesting than the truth.”