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New Jersey-based photographer and regular contributor to Anglers Journal Tom Lynch began lighting up our phones in October, showing us the incredible photos and video he shot of striped bass blitzing on peanut bunker. 

The juvenile menhaden were stacked like big black clouds off New Jersey, especially in Monmouth County. The bait attracted a massive swath of striped bass from 28 to 35 inches, with occasional larger fish mixed in. The bass blitzed for several hours each day, but this particular blitz was different from the ones Lynch had seen in the past. The unhurried and tactical nature of the hours-long attack was interesting to watch. The birds-eye view of the drone footage shows hordes of stripers methodically picking away at the bunker, with huge numbers of bass calmly hanging behind the shifting shoals of bait, catching stragglers. 

Much of the feeding activity took place away from the pods of bunker. The incredible footage here shows what unfurled day after day for several weeks. It just might be the most unique bass blitz ever captured on film.

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